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Going Independent - Jared Cullop, Inc.

Though I've been an owner, Founder and President in two marketing companies in the past decade, I'm now going independent, with Jared Cullop, Inc. I started doing business on January 1, 2012, and all of my previous clients are welcomed over to the new entity with absolutley no changes other than billing address. 

I thank you all for supporting me for all these years, and give you my word that I will be working, somehow, even harder to make your businesses and practices successful. 

My family and I all give you a deep, heartfelt "Thanks!".



Lone Ranger - Jared Cullop, Inc.

How many irons can fit in this fire?

Wow. I spent three days this week in Nashville in a brainstorming charette that will undoubtedly bring us tons of business & ideas, but coming back to the office today was HARD! I knew how much I had on my plate to do, but it's just about too much! 

In a nutshell, here's what I've gotten done so far: 

  • Conference Call with new client. They just hired us for a Visual Identity Package and a full website.
  • Conference Call with a new client to create a very deep, high profile eCommerce site.
  • Conference Call with an existing client regarding a complete overhaul of their website.
  • Completed the design of a logo for an executive corporation out of Nashville. Submitted for review.
  • Made headway on the design of a logo for a tech company that has hired us to sell their corporation for them.
  • Worked two hours or so on our own, new VPI website. The current one is so bad, but I rarely have time to work on the new one. Hopefully it will launch next week.
  • Completed the Visual Identity Package for Bohler Family Practice in Statesboro, GA. Website coming soon.
  • Completed the draft directive for a new website for a large office design & supply firm here in Knoxville and submitted it to client for review.
  • Sent out half a dozen invoices.


What a day. Thing is, the rest of the day will be as crazy as the first part of it!

Metro Communications

Metro Communications is Knoxville's premier Motorola 2 way radio dealer. Plus, Jimmy & Pam are really, really great people. I actually used them to rent radios for the car test that I just got back from doing in California. They worked perfectly!

We just launched their new website. This one is a mix of high style and user friendliness (on their part, as they can easily update product information themselves). We also recreated their visual identity, with a new logo and all accompanying designs. We're really proud of our work for them. Click the logo to the left to visit their new VPI-Designed website!

Thanks very much, Metro team!


Bridgewater Speech & Hearing

We've completed the new website for Bridgewater Speech & Hearing, which is a wonderful (WONDERFUL) Audiology Practice here in Knoxville. Dr. Sally Baerman & her staff are all angels - the best one could ever imagine. If I or any of my loved ones ever needed her services, I wouldn't hesitate a second! She was so great to deal with on this project, and I look forward to how it helps get her message out and drives her business. 

You can check it out by clicking here, or the logo to the left. 

What a day.

Wow. We're proceeding quickly with PlayaLifeTV.com, which is a new HD Video site for anyone thinking of visiting the newest hot spot on the Mexican Riviera. I can't wait to go there myself. It looks gorgeous.

We'll soon have Bridgewater Speech & Hearing's website up. It's been done for a while, but they want to host it elsewhere (it's a service we offer) and communication has been a bit lacking on that front. I know that the wonderful ladies at Bridgewater will be so happy when it's finally live.

We just launched Metro Communication's website, although we don't have all of the products up on it yet. Those are some really great folks, and I hope that site serves them well. 

Title Associates of Knoxville will have their new website by the end of the week, we hope. If you're doing any kind of real estate transaction in the Knoxville area, I really suggest going to them. Sue Benson and her team are such honest, good people.

We're about to finalize the logo for Clarity Pointe, a new (and very massive) business that will be bringing the most modern forms of treatment to Alzheimers sufferers throughout the Southeast. That's a huge project. The website will be a marquee one for our resume.

Bohler Family Practice in Statesville, Georgia hired us to revamp their visual identity, brochures and website. We likely have the logo concluded and will then be able to proceed with the rest of the project.

We're doing four websites for CROET (Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee). We've already completed their Visual Identity Packages (logo & stationery design) for all four entities (CROET, Heritage Center, Halcyon LLC, Horizon Center). The Heritage Center website and the CROET website should be able to launch this week. I'll really be happy when those are completed and we're on the other two.

We're making a ton of changes to Eric Berry's website, and are starting development on the Eric Berry Foundation's website. This is such an exciting project.

I spent much of the morning working on a pocket folder and brochure design for Isis Women's Care. We did their site as well.

I've got three more projects to bid on before I can call it a day: A national weight loss company, a automotive restoration shop, and a surgical team. I tell you, when your job is helping other companies make money, you end up learning a lot about, well, a lot. 

That was the day so far. It's only a fraction of the work that we currently have going on here at VPI, just in the Strategic Marketing department. The Business Advisory side of the company just reported another handful of new clients signed today. 

We offer products and services that no other seems to offer, collectively. Sure, there are marketing companies, and PR companies, and CPA firms... but shouldn't they all work together toward a common goal? That's what sets us apart. I'm really proud to be a Partner in this booming firm.