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My Family - By Jared Cullop

I'm the son of Vickie Glover Cullop and Allen Cullop. They are wonderful parents, and live in a little place called Chinquapin Grove at the bottom of the Holston Mountain range in Northeast Tennessee. It's near Bristol, and it's where I grew up. I can't imagine that I could've been raised in a better place than Chinquapin Grove. That's me in the top right of the picture.

I'm the oldest of three kids, with a brother named Micah Farrell and a sister named Britni Jeanette (Brit Jane, as we lovingly call her). They both still live near Chinquapin Grove. Dad's family is from Southwest Virginia, which isn't far away at all, and Mom's is from Chinquapin Grove for generations. 


I've absolutely married the best girl on the planet, so the rest of you fellas are fighting for scraps, as far as I'm concerned. In the fall of 2008, we had a little boy, Elias Kindle. We gave him that middle name because we wanted him to be a source of Light and Passion for those around him. We wanted to bless his character with his name, and 19 months later, I'm convinced that it worked and that God honored that blessing. I love him so much that it often hurts. 

I'll be updating this page with anything that we have going on. Believe it or not, I'm a bit of a private guy when my family is concerned. So don't look for this page to be updated near as much as the others. 

One-on-One Duck, Duck, Goose

Tonight, Elias taught me how to play one-on-one Duck, Duck, Goose. I had to film it. After all, isn't that a milestone in every boy's life? I love this little guy so much. God is good.



In June, we moved to Folsom, which is a nice bedroom community to Sacramento, CA. Our house sold, and Erin and I were determined to go to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA this fall. She's a nurse, and I can do my job from anywhere with a good internet connection, so she put in for a short-term position with a travel nursing agency in Roseville, CA. Those 13 weeks are up on August 2, and we've been accepted to the school, which starts September 13th. We're so exicited! We just rented a house there in Redding that feels so wonderful and even has a pool! It's right in town too. We will be in the school from 12:45pm to 5:45pm every Tuesday through Friday. I'll be able to have all of my conference calls and work time in the mornings as needed, as the difference from EST to PST really works in my favor here. Despite all this, business is going very well. It's such a blessing to be able to set up the company and our wonderful team to work without me having to be there face-to-face every day.

On the days that Erin doesn't work, we've been very deliberate about going on cool family trips across northern Cali. We've been to San Francisco a few times, and I even got to go spend a weekend there alone for Father's Day, which was really cool. We just got back yesterday from a trip to Santa Cruz, which might be the best place yet in Cali. Very unpretentious, very fun and alive, and beautiful. A wonderful old-school type (think Coney Island) amusement park sits right on the beach, and The Wharf is a long dock jutting out into the blue waters that you can drive your car onto, park, and go to any one of dozens of incredible restaurants and get "CAUGHT HERE" seafood.

On one trip to Redding, I was alone and really determined to find our new home. Once I got that squared away, I took the long (VERY LONG) way home. See the map below. This trip encompassed some of the roads that we have used for Porsche tests in Excellence Magazine.The roads are some of the best I've ever seen (possibly THE BEST, as Hwy 1 from Garberville to Fort Bragg is perfect and windy and traffic is sparse... for 44 MILES!) I got to take my CTS-V on this trip and even videod some of it. Was very cool. I love that Erin knows that I love to drive, and is wonderful about helping me find time to get away and get some winding miles down. The pics below were from this trip.

Despite all the fun and the amazing weather, we very much miss our friends and family back home. It's good for us to get away, just the three of us, as the past few years have been pretty hectic. They still are, as Elias is a total handful and we have no help with him... and work definitely (thank God) isn't letting up. But it's nice. Every day is a blessing. We just live doing our best to make the most out of each one. I love that my wife is this way. I'm so happy to be in her world.


The Cullop Thread

Well, we had two family reunions yesterday. At the Cullop gathering, I found out something wild. My papaw Cullop was one of 14, 7 boys. You'd think that there'd be many Cullops then. But everyone had girls! My brother, my son and I are the only chance of the progression of our family name through my great grandfather Arthur Cullop. We'll carry that with pride. Our line of Cullops have been here in America (from Germany since 1720), mostly in southern Virginia. There's Cullop's Tavern, alongside the interstate in Virginia, and they had to move all of the early Cullops from their family graveyard when I-81 was put in. My great great great grandfather was named Stonewall, because his brother and father had fought under Stonewall Jackson in the Civil War. After the war, a baby was born - and they named him Stonewall. Wow. I'll re-create the family tree they gave us and post it here. 

My Dad

Well, many of you know that my Dad had a heart attack last week. He had some stints put in to alleviate the problem, but he's still in the hospital because his temperature is going all over the place, as is his sugar (he's a diabetic). 

By looking at his white blood count, we know that he doesn't have an infection. But still, his temp stays around 103 or so, which makes him feel miserable, and keeps him from going home. They have brought in an endocrinologist to see if his thyroid could be causing the trouble, but we don't know the results of that yet.

Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. I'll keep you posted as we learn more. 

Mother's Day

This weekend was great. I loaded up Erin & Elias and we went to Chinquapin Grove, where I was raised. It's a little community at the bottom of the Holston Mountain range in Tennesse, snugged in where North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky all meet.

It was GORGEOUS this past weekend. Elias played with his Poppy (my dad), Erin and me on the trampoline. I couldn't believe that the trampoline was still good after all these years. I think Micah, my brother, got it from Santa when he was about 6. He's 27 now. My Mom was feeling pretty good too, which was a blessing. Erin, Elias, Dad & I went to Chinquapin Grove Baptist Church, the church I grew up in, and everyone got to meet Erin and Elias for the first time. Such a warm welcome they gave us. We got back home Sunday in time to put Elias in the bath and then bed. For Mother's Day, I did my best to give Erin a spa-quality massage for an hour straight. I don't see how professional masseuses do that all day long!