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Cullop Family Mission Trip - July 2012

Updated 7/12/12 : We are NOT GOING. It's all good! Scroll down to today's entry to see why.

If you know Erin and me, you know that we have a burning passion for Italy. "Passion" is the right word too, as it's actually WHY we love Italy so much. 

The Italians, as a whole and in our opinion, are the most passionate people group on earth. Just consider it: Look at their cars (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati...), their food, their fashion (just about all fashion comes out of either Milan or Paris... of which the Milanese is far better!)... even the way they do family. It's all so full of passion!

But there's an anomaly. The Italians have been victim of a church that fell from the CORE of Christianity into a pit of human control and legalism. What once was the center of a worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit (early church was built in Rome and taken to the world through the Roman Empire's network) became the center for man's power (even in medival times, the kings of nations had to do what the Pope commanded, and his commands could be bought). 

So Italians have a hard time trusting in a real, loving Father God. Erin and I know that it is our life's calling to show these beautiful people the Truth that is LOVE... that is actually the core matter at the heart of all of their blossoming passion in other realms. 

I met Erin 12 years ago, on the night that she found out that she was accepted to go to a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) base in Northern Italy. 5 months from that night, I flew over and proposed to her near the shores of Lake Lugano. Since then, we have returned very often. When it comes time to talk about a vacation, we just can't consider going anywhere else. We're also working on learning the language.

Fast forward a decade or so, and we have just graduated from the First Year of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. The "Supernatural" part refers to a form of ministry and living where the Holy Spirit is in control, not us or our agendas. We know that He can speak to us about a person, and we can show them His vast love by showing how much He actually cares for them. Bethel's "whole thing" is taking the Love of God to all nations. Their "current status" on that is mind-bending in many regions of the globe. For example, just 4 years ago, there was only 1 student from Scandanavia (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway). That number has grown to 65 as of the school year that just ended. Those who have already graduated have gone home en-mass, starting revival fires, leading churches, and bringing the revelation of the Father Heart of God to their countries. Italy is now essentially where Scandanavia was 4 years ago, with the first couple of students having just graduated. 

Those students now are strategically taking the Light to Italy, and have welcomed other graduates who have a burning heart for their country to come along this summer, making a big initial splash of love. Erin and I feel very strongly that we are to go, taking Elias too, as he likely will spend much of his life over there.

Here's the thing though:

It's expensive. I know that it'd be totally normal to look at my pictures of cars and such on here and think that it's absolutely crazy for us to be asking for financial help on this. But I gave up all that to grow my spirit-man, to really learn who I am in God's eyes, to become who He designed me to be. Will I make lots of money ever again? Probably so, but as a son of God this time. In this interim period, I am the sole provider for our family, a full time student, and full time family man. You can see my professional site at www.jaredcullopinc.com. Things are going really well with that too. But with school tuition for all 3 of us for multiple years, our recent mission trip to Norway, etc, I'm in the humbling place of asking you to consider helping us get to Italy this summer. 

Please trust that we are focused and diligent in our mission here. We go alongside the pioneers, supporting them as they return home, showing the Love of God to the Italians, and helping make their first steps be solid, well-received, and seen as genuine. If you have any questions at all, by all means, please email us by clicking here

This page is actually a journal. Erin will likely be posting on it as things progress. But I wanted to come in and put this header here, so that everyone can see my heart, and my true humility in welcoming your help. 

The trip is from July 16th to the 31st, and we will be in Modena, Milan, and Turin.

Be blessed!


Colby' smile

What felt at times and looked like injustice turned out to be restoration. The short time in Colby's life that our family played was worth so much as I see him smile these days. He laughs, coos and plays like any loved child would as he rests in the arms of his mother. As I watch her I can't help but celebrate her victory and beam with her over her choices that proved to Colby he was worth her sacrifice. At the same time laughing at myself for doubting any investment made or under minding Who was really planning both their destinies. Sometimes when you sign up to love one you end up loving more because willingness is all God requires and multiplication is something He is perfect at.


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