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Books I've Read - by Jared

I think it's important to be deliberate in growing your mind. After all, a fruit of the Holy Spirit is to "grow in knowledge AND wisdom". While wisdom is more of a "what do I do with the information I have", knowledge is that core information. I desire to be a "sharp sword" in many areas of my life, such as: understanding my God and His Church (including historically, as wisdom would have us learn from the church's past victories as well as failures), family life, successful business practices, leadership, as well as fictional "fun" books. Not only do I have a craving to be taken along a fictitious story by modern writers, but by those of the past as well. I'm shocked at the lack of appreciation others today have for the classics, as they, as a whole, seem to be far more thought out and raw than those generated by today's authors.

I've broken these down into categories. If you would like a quick review on any of these, or would like to talk about any, please simpy ask! You can email me by clicking here.

Lastly, this list probably isn't halfway full. I just wanted to start it with what immediately jumped into my head. There are many more for me to remember and add as time goes on.

Note: Titles in bold are exceptional, though many others are great books.


Classical (Pre-1960) Fiction Novels


Modern Fiction Novels




Business & Leadership


Family & Marriage 


Politics, Society, and Government


History: Non-Fiction


Modern Non-Fiction