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It all started when I had built my 2006 Porsche Carrera S into a monster. I had been posting it on car (mainly Porsche) forums on the net, getting advice and sharing what I was doing with the car. When I was done, it was a BEAST. From the supercharged engine with over 500HP to the total race suspension and brakes, the car was one of a kind. 

Link to the ArticleOne day, I got a call from a vendor that I had been using, telling me that I should get this car into a magazine. I followed up on the idea, and called Pete Stout, editor of Excellence Magazine (America's largest Porsche rag). Pete had a shootout between highly modified Porsches from all across the nation, and my car passed his sniff test. He invited me to ship my car from North Carolina to San Fransisco for the test, which I did. Then, I get a call that they are a man down, and he asked if I could fly out and help drive a car, mine, up to the test ring. I wouldn't be able to voice my opinion on the matter, but it'd help them out. I of course agreed. Turned out though, Pete and I really became buddies. I think he came to respect my driving abilities (of the 11 page article that ensued, the first four words were "This hillbilly hauls ass." - I love him for that!) My car won unanimously, so he asked if I would like to write a page on my opinion of the cars, since I ended up getting to drive them all extensively. I wrote that page, it got published, he thought it was great, and I had my foot in the auto-journalism world. My car, the black one to the right, even got "front and center" staging on the cover that issue.

Months later, he had a story to write on the new 2010 Porsche Panamera, Porsche's first 4 door. I knew I would love writing about how I hated the car and how Porsche never should try to make an executive saloon, so I accepted, again, of course. They flew me to Stuttgart, Germany, where all Porsches are made. It was a dream for me. I got to go onto their private test track with the car, and my jaw was flopping around in the floorboard! What a car! That article was published, and my photos were even included. Now I'm an auto-photog!

He then called me and asked me to fly back out to California for another test. That is at the end of this month (May, 2010).  That story is in the October 2010 issue, which should still be on newsstands now.

As of today, I still have a new 2011 GT3 RS in my garage too. I'm writing another article on my findings during a two-day test with it and a 2011 Boxster Spyder, the two rawest street cars that Porsche sells today. I'm working on that article now, and you should be able to get that issue in the next few months. Thanks for checking in what I've been doing!



2013 Porsche Carrera S (991S)

A month or so ago, I got a call from my editor asking if I'd like to drive the completely new 911S. "Of course." I said. "Well, can you come get it tomorrow? Just outside of San Francisco?" "OK, sure."

That's how it happened. When I swapped him my modded 2010 Subaru STi for the spankin' new 2013 Carrera S, I couldn't help but think that I had the best end of that stick. However, the Porsche had scary acronyms all over it: PDK (flappy paddle gearbox), PTV (Porsche Torque Vectoring, which has the brakes grab the inside rear wheel, supposedly increasing turn-in), PDCC (essentially, an acronym that means that they deleted the traditional sway bars for electronically controlled ones), Power Steering Plus (adaptive, electro-mechanical power steering) and more. 

What did I think? Well, you'll have to buy the issue to find out. I'm not positive, but I think it'll be in the next issue, which is the November August 2012 issue. I look forward to hearing what you think! Feel free to read it and then send me an email by clicking the link to the right.

Excellence November 2011 - Cayman R vs Carrera GTS

This one is out on newsstands now. You should grab it. My article is comparing the best of the Caymans; the R, versus the best of the Carreras; the GTS. It is a "second thought" to a killer artilce by (insanely good driver) Johannes Van Overbeek, in which he pits the Cayman R against a Boxster Spyder, which I've tested before against a GT3-RS. Again, it's a great issue. Gotta get it if you have gasoline flowing through your veins. On top of these two articles, it is the first to show us what the next generation 911 will be like and look like. Can you say "7 speed manual trans"?

The newest article

The newest article, entitled "The Rawside", has been submitted to Excellence and accepted. It will be on newstands soon! I'll keep you posted as to when.



2011 GT3-RS vs 2011 Boxster Spyder

Yep - I have the new RS in my garage and I spent the last half of the week testing it and the new Spyder on the best roads East of the Mississippi. Pro-Racer Lehman Keen and I took these two 'rawest' Porsches through the Tail of the Dragon, Hwy 28, and pretty much every other epic road in the Blue Ridge & Smokies for two days and I have to tell you, this will be one heck of an article if I can get even 50% of the emotion they give onto paper. Be sure to stay tuned! This could be the best one yet!


Buy the Mag

My newest article is now in the bookstore nearest you. The October 2010 issue of Excellence has my story on the cover. I had an amazing time, and I hope that the article proves to be a good read for anyone, whether a Porschephile or not. It was so wild to get my issue in the mail and open it up to see my name as the author! I'll never get over that!